Top 10 Reasons to Move to Arizona

May 28, 2021 | Things To Know, Top 10

If you ever consider a move to Maricopa County, this piece is for you. The state of Arizona holds a lot of promise in terms of growth over the last couple of years. There has been massive migration to and within the state making it top of the list when…

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If you ever consider a move to Maricopa County, this piece is for you. The state of Arizona holds a lot of promise in terms of growth over the last couple of years. There has been massive migration to and within the state making it top of the list when it comes to total net migration and domestic net migration for the year 2019.

Are you a resident in Arizona, and are on the hot search for some of the best locations to explore? The city of Maricopa is one worthy consideration. Maricopa is a city located in Pinal County and is also part of the grand Phoenix metropolitan area. It is a small area with a population of about 50,000 residents.

Maricopa has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, leisure, and business. So if you look forward to any one of these things, here are 10 reasons reasons to move to Arizona and some.

The Economy in Maricopa is Booming

It might interest you to note that Arizona is one of the fastest growing economies in the US. And because of the influx of people in and out of the county, Maricopa sits at the highest end of this growth. The area is home to many industries to include construction and healthcare, creating lots of career opportunities for residents there. Here are our top 10 reasons to move to Arizona below:

The Housing Market Is Affordable

Maricopa has one of the cheapest housing markets in the state of Arizona. You can get an average single-family home with just $320,000. If you are looking for a quick get away from the high housing costs of states like California, Maricopa is your sure bet any day.

High Population

Maricopa has a relatively high population with residents numbering over 50,000. The population here surpasses that of any county in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Maricopa is quite diverse in nature, comprising lots of natural attractions as well as small quiet suburbs.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living here is also very low. You can thrive here with little income to cover expenses to include housing, groceries, transportation, and healthcare. Maricopa still manages to beat the national average for the four mentioned factors. You can see why a move to Maricopa County is an absolute no-brainer.

Potential For Financial Planning and Income Growth

The state of Arizona has some of the fastest growing earners in the country. Aside from its buzzing economy which leads to more businesses and rise in jobs, Maricopa leaves room financial planning and income growth. This is the true American dream, all things considering.

Great Amenities

Maricopa has so many great amenities to make life easy for the average citizen. Practically all you need to live very comfortably is within arm’s reach. The County is well-planned and caters to the daily needs of its citizens. From transportation, shopping, restaurants to entertainment and nightlife, Maricopa’s got it all. No wonder people who come here have a hard time leaving.

Plethora of Great Schools

For young parents who still have kids of school age, Maricopa has some great schools within community that kids can easily walk to and from. This has a way of building strong bonds amongst young children growing up in the county.

Low Crime Rate

Because of its low key, close-knit community feel, Maricopa records a relatively low crime rate. You can feel safe moving about your business at any hour of day, even at very late hours. This explains why the nightlife here flourishes since citizens don’t have to worry about making it home early.

It is Home For All Age, Race, and Class

Everyone’s moving down to Maricopa because of the easy life it affords. And the good thing is, Maricopa welcomes all demographic irrespective of age, race, or class. It is home to the old and young, rich, middleclass, and what have you. Even young millennials and Gen-Z’ers are moving over to Maricopa to escape the rigors of big city life.

Lovely Weather

Maricopa has a favorable weather at most times of the year. From sunny skies in the summer to gentle temperature in the fall and spring, Maricopa is simply the place to be.

In the summer, the highest it can go is somewhere around 105F and can reach lows between 44 to 47F in the winter nights.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 reasons to move to Arizona!

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