The best waterfront communities in Arizona

May 31, 2021 | Things To Know, Where To Live

Arizona is known for its good weather. During all seasons except in summer, when the heat becomes too much for most people. Companies are setting up there, and other industries like the real estate are also growing. The pleasant weather and the growing business sectors are some of the reasons…

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Arizona is known for its good weather. During all seasons except in summer, when the heat becomes too much for most people. Companies are setting up there, and other industries like the real estate are also growing. The pleasant weather and the growing business sectors are some of the reasons why it is a nice place to live in. However, Phoenix doesn’t have many natural water sources, but that doesn’t make it harder for people to find homes that are closer to the water bodies. It is still possible to find a great home near any of the man-made water bodies, especially if you look in the right direction.

The islands

This is one of the most organized communities in Arizona. The over two thousand homes are strategically built around three lakes, namely the north lake, south lake, and the mid-lake. This arrangement is one of the reasons why it is one of the best places to look for houses for sale in Arizona, especially if you want a tight community to be part of. Downtown Phoenix is half an hour away, so accessing the amenities you need shouldn’t be a problem. Fulton ranch, where the new Chandler Community is based, is in a good place to start your search whether you’re looking to buy a house or looking to buy a piece of land where you can build your own. You can be sure that this new community in the area will make you feel welcome. There are other sections of the community in other parts of The Island that you can mingle with as well.


Being only 20 minutes away from downtown Phoenix makes this waterfront community a very convenient place to settle in. The area is mostly occupied by families, which makes it the perfect spot for you and your family if you’re looking for a long-term investment or somewhere to settle permanently. There are several schools around as well as several activity options for you to choose from. Lakewood has two lakes with four docks making it the perfect spot to engage in some water activities. If you like cycling or walking, then the lanes and paths available around the lakes will be of great help. Ahwatukee is one of the communities here with a serene neighborhood and friendly neighbors. The village has a golf course as well as other amenities, including clubhouses. Most importantly, the homes here range in styles and designs, making it easier for you to find your style, whether modern or traditional.

The lakes

This is another great place to look for homes in Phoenix, AZ, because of the many design options it offers. Houses here range from single units to double story houses for everyone’s needs. There are also condominiums available for those who want them. The communities here are among the first people to settle there. With most of the houses being built in the 19980s and 1990s. However, you can still find some great modern design houses perfect for single people and family settings. Tempe Town Lake is one of the communities to invest in, especially if you want condos. They have an urban setting with modern and very luxurious condominium developments for aspiring homeowners.

Scottsdale ranch

This Waterfront community hosts most of the houses found in Scottsdale gated communities. This is mostly attributed to the vast eater coverage. Which acts as an attraction to both investors and local tourists. With over 1000 acres, this area has enough room for homes and amenities. If you want more luxurious gated communities, then you can check Monterey point, Las Brisa, and Mountain View Lake estates. There are other communities you can check out like the Gainey Ranch, which is another prestigious community. The properties here consist of a mixture of residential ones and commercial ones, which makes it easier to access entertainment and eating joints easily.

McCormick ranch

Most people looking for houses in Phoenix Arizona usually start with this community, which is the neighboring Scottsdale ranch waterfront community because it has some of the largest communities. With a population of over 25,000 people, this community is considered one of the largest in the state of Arizona. It has several lakes with houses and condos built around them with homes ranging from affordable to very luxurious. The area has schools that are perfect for families though those without children can also settle here. It has been known to attract those looking for single-family homes because of the well-established community.


If you’re looking for a retirement home in Arizona, then you should try the City of Maricopa. It is a gated community specifically designed for those looking to retire. It is peaceful and has all the amenities to help you stay active as you enjoy your days. Security is great here, as shown by the gated entry, and the community here offers a great support system.


Gilbert Gates Communities are some of the most expensive in all of Phoenix because if the ski lakes they are built around. The tournament ski lakes provide grounds for great events that see the are welcome many outsiders. If you’re interested in buying a home closer to these ski lakes, then try Crystal Point, Playa del Rey, and San Tan Lakeside communities. Be prepared to part with some large amounts of money. However, if you’re interested in buying a home where you can access essential amenities easily, then try the Val Vista Lakes community. Some of the amenities available here include community pools, Gilbert park, tennis courts, and clubhouse, among others.

Sun city

Another community closer to one of the greatest lakes in Arizona is Sun City. The place is great for adults who are looking for vacation or retirement homes. Living here gives you access to various kinds of amenities, which include shopping centers and a park. You can participate in different types of sports ranging from baseball to skiing as well. If you prefer activities that don’t require teamwork like jogging or cycling, then you can easily do them here as well. This community mostly has older people who are at least 45 years, but it is a great place to stay active. Other waterfront communities you can visit to check out houses for sale include Westbrook Village, Sun City West, and Sun City Grand.

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