The Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix to Raise a Family

Feb 24, 2021 | Things To Know

Phoenix is located in the state of Arizona. It is the capital city of Arizona found in the Southwestern part of the United States. Phoenix is well known for its warm temperatures; it hosts a sprawling metropolitan multicity area called the Valley of the Sun. It is also known for…

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Phoenix is located in the state of Arizona. It is the capital city of Arizona found in the Southwestern part of the United States. Phoenix is well known for its warm temperatures; it hosts a sprawling metropolitan multicity area called the Valley of the Sun. It is also known for vibrant night clubs, first-class resorts and spas, and even golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus. Phoenix is ranked as the fifth populous city of the cities in the United States of America. Phoenix being the capital city of Arizona means that there are several neighborhoods one can choose to settle in and raise a happy family. If you want to consider moving to phoenix permanently, you can check on the homes for sale in phoenix az, and if you’re going to rent a house, you might as well check on the houses in Phoenix, Arizona, and move into the house. Apart from the vibrant life in phoenix, phoenix also has well-developed education centers and health centers that make life very easy and smooth. Phoenix has universities and colleges that provide the best education in Arizona State, for example, the University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, and also Phoenix College.

The best neighborhoods in Phoenix to Raise a Family

Phoenix easily attracts residents from Arizona State due to its warm temperatures, affordable houses in phoenix Arizona, outdoor activities, delicious craft brews, and the fantastic local grub that will easily lure anyone to consider moving to Phoenix. Several neighborhoods have houses for sale in Arizona that are family-friendly in Phoenix that one can decide to settle in and raise the right family. The neighborhood includes:


Gilbert is a town located in Maricopa County in the South East of Phoenix city. Gilbert is well known for its amazing sceneries and the local parks. Gilbert has low crime rates, high schools, family-friendly activities, and very affordable houses to live in. Gilbert has bike-friendly streets that encourage the locals to use bikes for movement. And since the neighborhood is roughly twenty miles eastwards of the center city, having easy access to work and entertainment is guaranteed. Gilbert also has a number of restaurants and eateries where one is guaranteed to get a good meal for his or her family. With all these resources in place, Gilbert is considered as one of the neighborhoods that ensure its residents of living a happy family life.

Wilo Historic District

Wilo is considered to house a number of houses from the 1920s to the 1940s with a number of newer apartments. This makes it one of the largest historic neighborhoods in Phoenix. Wilo has wonderful homes found just 10 minutes to the north of the center city. Homes in Wilo Historic District have a large stretching yard making it perfect for families. Wilo has palm tree-lined streets leading to the activities that most locals like to partake in. The area has shops, cocktail bars, pizzeria and coffee bars, and many more, which offer the best food and brews to the locals. Wilo Historic District is located near Symphony Hall, Ballet Arizona, and Arizona Science Center, therefore, creating a mix of learning and cultural opportunities. All these resources make Wilo Historic District a fit neighborhood for raising a family.

Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee foothills are considered to be an urban village in Phoenix, located on the Eastern side of Phoenix. It is found twenty miles southeast of the city center. Its great location, nature sceneries, walkability, shops, golf courses, and delicious eatery joints make it a good place to live in. In Ahwatukee, there are low crime rates and very friendly neighbors, therefore, encouraging most families to consider moving into the area. There are a number of community activities that keep the locals close, for example, the Ahwatukee Chilli Cookoff, which greatly unites the neighbors. Ahwatukee also hosts the largest municipal park and children play centers like Pump it up, Makutu’s Island, and Main Event, among others, which makes it suitable for children and families. Not forgetting the schools that Ahwatukee has that provide good education to the children in the neighborhood. These resources make Ahwatukee one of the best neighborhoods to rise up a family in Phoenix.


Arcadia is a neighborhood that is made up of well-kept homes that are on large plots of land. Arcadia is located between the 44th and 68th street just between Oak Street and the Camelback Mountain. Arcadia has low crime rates, and the children who live in this neighborhood usually have a backyard that is large enough to play in. Arcadia also has good schools and recreational centers that make it fit neighborhood for a family to settle in.


The surprise is a suburban city located in Maricopa County, which is very well versed and has a family-friendly kind of environment that makes it fit for raising a family. Surprise has low crime rates recorded and great neighborhood planning with parks, good schools, and sporting facilities. Surprise also has a community park that is considered to be every family’s favorite in the neighborhood since it has waterfront walks, playgrounds, and dog parks. The area also has tasty local restaurants that provide delicious food to its residents. There are also outdoor activities such as hiking that one can explore in the Dream Catcher Park and White Tank Parks. The area also has good schools that provide good education to the kids living in surprise. Locals can easily access the city for work and entertainment since it is a forty-five-minute drive away from Downtown Phoenix. This neighborhood is also considered a good place to raise a family.


It is also called Arizona Antique Capital. Glendale hosts the professional sports teams since it has two major stadiums. It also has botanical gardens, a historic downtown, and one thousand acres of the desert preserves. Glendale has low crime rates and affordable homes that make it suitable for families to settle in. 

These are some of the places you can consider living with your family in Phoenix

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