Neighborhoods with the best schools in Arizona

Feb 12, 2021 | Things To Know, Where To Live

Moving from one state to another is very tasking, among other factors of concern such as security and access to basic amenities, school quality tops the concern for families with children. Quality of school in some states and suburbs is politicized, and getting yourself an ideal neighborhood is a win…

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Moving from one state to another is very tasking, among other factors of concern such as security and access to basic amenities, school quality tops the concern for families with children. Quality of school in some states and suburbs is politicized, and getting yourself an ideal neighborhood is a win for you. You might want to live in an area that has reliable educational professionals that do not compromise the quality of education with things like battles on the curriculum. You may also be concerned about culture wars in most US states, which should inform you on making the best choice of a neighborhood with list cultural conflicts. You have the right to worry about the factors that may mess your educational experience or that of your loved ones. Therefore you should research the best neighborhood before making a move to buy houses in Phoenix Arizona.

You may have realized when looking for houses for sale in Arizona, that some areas in Phoenix have community-based foundations that support community schools. These foundations work to bring resources next to people who help build societies by bridging connections between the parents, the school administration, and other stakeholders. Even with such charitable organizations in the region, you may feel like an outsider in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. Even so, it can be a gold mine for your kids since they get to attend the best schools in the neighborhood.

Ahwatukee suburban

Ahwatukee will draw you with its social amenities and homes for sale in Phoenix, AZ, where the climate is warm throughout the year. The area has three golf clubs that offer courses to its residences. Community events such as the Ahwatukee Chili Cook-off in this area helps keep the people close. The area is quiet and has a municipal park which extends to the countryside. 

Citizens in this neighborhood prefer to bike to Phoenix town as a means of transport, but this does not mean there are no other means of transport. The children have many playgrounds such as the Makati Island, Bounce-A-Rama and Pump it up. This neighborhood has the best restaurants that are family-friendly, which include Spinato’s Pizzeria.

Ahwatukee has many home styles that could suit your style and could be the best destination for you and your family. Your children will attend excellent public and private schools that are readily available within the neighborhood. Notable schools in the neighborhood include BASIS Ahwatukee, Kyrene Centennial Middle School, and Summit School, among others. The neighborhood has numerous collages too.

Paradise Valley

Positioned in the heart of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley is known for houses in Phoenix Arizona, that may catch your attention. There are many resorts on this side of Phoenix with malls that make your shopping experience delightful. The region is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Phoenix. It is that small piece of heaven that makes Arizona attractive to new and indigenous residents.

The neighborhood like Ahwatukee offers golf training to its residence; besides, there are many museums and restaurants in Paradise Valley. Here you can track to the prominent Camelback Mountain where you and your loved ones can enjoy the scene at its peak. You may also choose to take your loved ones to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park which have train rides and playground for young children. You will not exhaust these scenic places as there acres of grasslands for recreation at Barry Goldwater Memorial Park.

While houses for sale in Arizona on this prestigious side of Phoenix could be a bit expensive, they are worth the investment as they are excellent schools in the area. Some of the notable schools in Paradise Valley include Cherokee Elementary School, Christ Church School, and Kiva Elementary School, among others. 


Scottsdale is a mini-city of its own outside Phoenix, well laid out streets characterize the town, and it seems that the architectures which made the constructions were precise with the geometry. Many residences here prefer traveling by bike as the landscape also is a bit flat compared to other mountainous parts of Phoenix. 

The houses in Phoenix, Arizona, in this neighborhood are quite affordable, and the houses are historical with a touch of Victorian Style. The area also has modern houses are of different sizes and may need the needs of your family. You will be living close to high-end restaurants such as McDowell and Taliesin West, among others. Schools in this neighborhood include North Ranch, Anasazi Elementary School and Lugana School among others.


Gilbert enjoys low crime rates, which makes it ideal for families; it is one of the growing towns in Phoenix. Most families in Phoenix reside in Gilbert, and the town has good scenes with numerous local parks .local eateries dots the neighborhood as the population of the region continues to grow each year. The population in this neighborhood is growing faster than any other suburb in Phoenix.

Homes for sale in Phoenix AZ give the assurance of a happy home as most of the families are friendly, and children are seen to be interacting with each other in the neighborhood. Some schools that you may consider for your children include Gilbert High School, Benjamin Franklin Charter School, and Gilbert Classical Academy School. Your child’s education is of great importance on this side of the town as authorities make it their concern to provide quality education.


Chandler is adjacent to Phoenix to the southeast a distance of about 30 minutes, and the suburb is gaining popularity as it has low crime rates. This small city is already big and is ranked among the top five big cities in Arizona. Some of the natural scenic areas in Chandler include Oasis Park, Desert Breeze Park, and Tumbleweed Park. Chandler has the cheapest houses in Phoenix, Arizona for sale that are cheap and classy and could catch your eye as a family person.

The town is lively and holds the Ostrich Festival every March, where members of the community take carnival rides, participate in concerts and craft booths. The town has a diverse culture, which includes Hispanic Heritage, Black History Month, with festivals that celebrate indigenous people as well as Celebration of Unity Event. 

Excellent schools in Chandler include Arizona College Prep Campus, BASIS Chandler, and Knox Academy, among others. These schools are excellent and could be a good option for your loved ones for the best schools in Arizona. 

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