Our Testimonials Are Real!

“I was skeptical when I heard that I could close on my house within 3 weeks for my house. But HSE Buyers made the house selling process extremely fast and I received my cash offer by the third week! They are the fastest house buyers in Arizona!”

- Fredrick H.

“My house was in bad shape after the recent flooding. I couldn’t afford the repairs on my house because I recently retired. HSE Buyers was able to give me more than enough money for my house so that I could afford a nice  apartment for my family.”

- Francisco G.

“After trying to sell my house for 2 years, I was having no success getting the right deal for my house. HSE Buyers contacted me with an offer that I couldn’t refuse. They were able to give me the money in hand a week after we talked on the phone!”

-Tanisha G.

“With my daughter having kids soon, I wanted to get a house closer to her so I could take care of them. I was having trouble finding the right price for my house, but HSE Buyers was able to give me more than enough money for my house and I was able to afford a nice house next to my daughter!””

-Wanda L.

“I had recently inherited my house from my parents. The house was in bad condition and I had no use for it. I contacted HSE Buyers to see how much this house was worth. I was shocked with the offer and I immediately accepted the generous offer.”

-Jorge Q.

“I have owned a duplex for the past 5 years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, my tenants could not afford to pay rent anymore. I wanted to sell my duplex to pay back some debt, so HSE Buyers was able to help me out by buying it for cash within 3 weeks!”

-Kristen F.


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