The biggest challenges of selling your house in Phoenix this summer

Apr 8, 2021 | Sell Your House

Research has shown that up to 65% of properties bought during the year occur between June, July, August. Most times, selling your house in Phoenix may not be as easy as it looks, as there are a lot of factors to be considered.  Spring is the ideal time of the…

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Research has shown that up to 65% of properties bought during the year occur between June, July, August. Most times, selling your house in Phoenix may not be as easy as it looks, as there are a lot of factors to be considered.  Spring is the ideal time of the year to sell your home, followed by summer. If you happen to put up your home for sale in Arizona during this period, there are high chances of it being sold within a twinkle of an eye.

However, selling your house in Phoenix during summer may be a bit of a challenge. Usually, during summer, kids are out of school, people are on vacation, and other summer activities. It may sound absurd to people considering that summer is the ideal time for most things. Home selling isn’t one of them.

If you are selling your house in Phoenix, especially during summer, you may encounter some challenges. Also, you will find out that if you are not compelled to sell during summer, you will get better value for your home afterwards.

We will be looking into the biggest challenges of selling your house this summer.

1. Pricing

One of the challenges you will encounter if you are selling your house during summer is getting the price right. Most times, we make mistakes of expecting to make too much from selling our homes. A house may seem worth a lot, but it isn’t worth that amount in the real estate market.

That is why it is necessary to hire the services of a real estate agent or realtor. With the help of a realtor, you know the exact value of your house and how much to expect.

Others are sentimental during sales. Due to the number of years spent in the house, or what the house represents, many people tend to get emotional, which blinds their sense of judgment, as they may ask for more than required.

When this happens, it becomes a challenge as buyers may not be willing to buy at that price. So, hiring a realtor’s services is a sure way to avoid this, as they know the exact price tag that will bring you buyers, in no time.

2. Failure to sell within a short period

Most home sellers set unrealistic time limits for themselves when they put up their house for sale. This is bad as it can discourage you when you don’t meet up the deadline.

Suppose you think the process of buying and selling a house is easy. In that case, you are mistaken, as there are lots of processes involved, from putting it up for sale, getting a potential buyer to the paperwork and other operations involved.

So, if you are selling your house in Arizona this summer, giving yourself a limited time to conclude the process may not be healthy at all.

3. Getting your house ready

This is where a lot of home sellers get it all wrong. When putting up a house for sale, one major factor is ensuring your house is in good and proper condition. It could be a broken pipe, a loose door handle, a faulty power switch, or even an overgrown lawn.

These little things go a long way in determining how long you put your house up for sale. If you pay attention to these little things that may seem unnecessary, the chances are high that your home will sell faster. But when you don’t attend to these loose ends, you may find it a bit difficult to sell your house.

4. Paperwork

After putting up your house for sale, staging, getting a buyer, and every other arrangement made, the next stage is paperwork.

A lot of home sellers are not conversant with this aspect of the bargain. There are a lot of paperwork transactions that take place during the transfer of ownership of a house. That is the reason why hiring the services of a realtor is a great choice. With a realtor, you will not be bothered by any form of paperwork, as he/she will take care of everything.

5. Heat period

Summer comes with a lot of heat that you may not be aware of. The heat is sure to make you sweat, and therefore uncomfortable. Don’t forget you will have to move heavy boxes, furniture, and other home properties. This is sure to be an inconvenience coupled with the hot weather. This is one other factor to look into before setting up your home for sale in Phoenix this summer.

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