Is it Worth It To Live In Avondale AZ?

Jun 15, 2021 | Real Estate Questions

If you are wondering if Avondale AZ is worth living, then the answer to your question is a straight-up YES. If you want to get the facts of my assertion, relax and read on to find out why many  people who live in Avondale AZ considers it an excellent place…

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If you are wondering if Avondale AZ is worth living, then the answer to your question is a straight-up YES. If you want to get the facts of my assertion, relax and read on to find out why many  people who live in Avondale AZ considers it an excellent place to stay.

 With a population of 87,931 people, Avondale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. Avondale has transformed from being a sparsely populated community to a thriving suburb. The city has witnessed massive commercial and residential growth since incorporated in 1946. Is it worth it to live in Avondale? Well let’s take a look at how the city holds up when measured against the following categories.

1. Cost of Living

Avondale has a rating score of 99.7/100, making it cheaper than the US average. However, do not expect to get things at meager prices in the city.

Cost of livingAvondaleArizonaUS

100 is the national average

Avondale is not very expensive to live in based on the data above, especially like other major US cities like New York, Miami, etc. Aside from a slightly higher utility than the national average, additional costs are pretty much at par with the national average. So again, is it worth it to live in Avondale? Well, with rising prices and sporadic increase in the cost of living among many US cities, Avondale AZ might very well be a good city you can stay.

2. Schools

Avondale, Arizona, has about 46 public schools, with 16 of them getting an A- rating. The general rating of public schools in the city is a B grade which is quite fair considering the low funding bedeviling most public schools in the US. The city’s public schools might not be the best around, but they are decent enough to give your kids the quality education they deserve.

Avondale Arizona boasts of some notable public schools like Garden Lakes Elementary School, Agua Fria High School, Quentin Elementary School, Legacy Traditional School, and so many others.

Every parent wants the best for their children, and giving them a sound education is one way of preparing them for the future. If you are considering moving to Avondale with your kids, finding a decent school for your kids wouldn’t be much of a problem. The public school system in the US requires more funding to help kids and teens realize their full potentials. Nonetheless, if basing a city’s livability on its public school state, Avondale measures up just fine.

3. Safety

One of the critical indices used in measuring the livability of many cities around the world is safety. Which brings us to the question, how safe is Avondale, Arizona? The city might not be the safest in the US but is widely considered safe by many residents.

 Avondale is safer than 24% of most cities in the US, with violent crimes in the city lower than the national average. Sadly crimes such as burglary and theft are a bit higher than the national average. So it would help if you took extra precautions when moving around notorious flashpoints in the city.

Compared to other surrounding cities such as Tolleson, Litchfield, Goodyear, Laveen, Youngtown, the crime rate in Avondale is lower. Avondale, Arizona’s safest neighborhood includes N Dysart Road, /West Indian School Road, W Thomas Road/N Garden Lakes PKY, Country Hills Mobile Estates, etc.

4. Diversity

Avondale, Arizona, is pretty diverse, with a good distribution of different races in the city. The largest ethnic groups in Avondale, AZ are White (Hispanic 38.5%), White (Non-Hispanic 32.%), Black or African American (9.8%), and Asian ( 3.62%). The city has an active population with a median age of 31.3. With a perfect score of A+ in diversity, Avondale is a mixed city with something for everyone. People who live in Avondale love the diversity

5. Home Prices

Aside from safety, home prices and rents top many people’s list when looking for cities to move to. The median home prices of Avondale Az stand at $233,000. Though home prices and median rent ($1200) are slightly higher than the national average, Avondale AZ stills rank better when compared to other cities in Arizona.

With a median household income of $58,938, residents of the city can very well take care of their rents and mortgage repayments.

Moving to Avondale AZ?

Avondale, Arizona, is a fantastic city with thriving commercial and residential districts. Are you worried about the weather? You don’t have to as the city has almost perfect weather all year round. Avondale AZ is indeed worth living in, with many bars and cafes dotted around the city and amazing nightlife. Now, hopefully you have made your decision on your first initial question of, “is it worth it to live in Avondale?”

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